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Our Company was founded in 1973 by Bob C. Thorne in Nashville TN.  Having just been let go from Ford Motor Co. (Tractor Division), Bob decided to start a Manufacturer’s Representative Firm to market products to the Agricultural Industry.  It didn’t take Bob long to build Thorne Sales Company into one of the most respected Manufacturer’s rep. Agency in the country.  Bob excelled at finding new products and companies delivering products to growing industries.  He excelled at developing strong lasting relationships with his dealer’s because of his commitment to serve them with integrity and honesty.  Sometime in the late 80s Bob started to add manufacturers with a focus on the construction industry to his already strong line of agricultural products.  To this day we represent companies in the construction and agricultural industries.  1997 was the year that Bob brought his Nephew, Neil Thorne, on to expand the territory.  Bob had primarily focused on TN and KY but added AR, LA, and MS to the states covered with the addition of Neil.  In 1999 Neil expanded their territory more by starting to work TX.  Seeing the need for more manpower Bob’s oldest son, Dan Thorne, came into the business in 2001.  John Dixon was added to the team in 2014 and has since become a partner in our company.  Matt Lee joined our team starting in 2017 and works the northern half of Texas.  Bob Thorne, founder of Thorne Sales Company, passed in 2012.  He left the company in the hands of his son Dan Thorne and his nephew Neil Thorne.  Thorne Sales Company is still committed to the Principles of our founder Bob Thorne.  We believe that through hard work and treating others the way that we want to be treated with honesty and integrity we can develop long lasting relationships with our dealers and deliver to them innovative and dependable products from companies who are just as committed to our dealer’s success as we are

Thorne Sales Company Profile


Thorne Sales Company is a Manufacturer’s Rep Agency that has been in business over 40 years.   There are 4 people on our team Dan Thorne, Neil Thorne, John Dixon, and Matt Lee


Territory – KY, TN, AR, MS, LA, TX, and NM

Dan Thorne Nashville TN Office– TN, KY, AR, and North MS

Neil Thorne Austin TX Office– West, Central, and South TX, North LA and NM

John Dixon Houston TX Office– South LA, South MS, and Southeast TX

Matt Lee Stephenville TX – Northeast and North TX including upper Panhandle


All partners own trucks and have trailers for deliveries and carrying small demo equipment.


The distribution arm of Thorne Sales Co. is Thorne and Dixon Distribution LLC (TDD)


TDD Warehouse is located in Dickinson TX just south of Houston and is managed by John Dixon.


Marketing – Dan Thorne designs and maintains Thorne Sales Company website.  John Dixon is our marketing manager and handles our email campaigns, direct mail, and advertising.